Art plays in the street



For sponsoring firms and institutions

ompanies as well as private and public entities are invited to sponsor a Tarracvs and to select an artist to turn it into a work of art.


The Tarracvs Parade offers sponsors the opportunity to connect with millions of people and participate in a unique marketing event.


Sponsors can see all of the artists' designs in our web (Design section) and select the one they wish to sponsor. Design name and number should be sent by email to:


Some works will be auctioned. The sponsor and the organization will agree on a worthy cause and  choose a non-profit organization as the beneficiary of the funds raised by the auction.

  • The Tarracvs sculpture will be exhibited from its installation to the end of the 2018 Mediterranean Games.
  • The company name/logo will be displayed on the Tarracvs' pedestal.
  • The company name/logo will be displayed on the Tarracvs Parade website.
  • The company logo will be included in all marketing materials and events associated to the Parade.


*Detail of Tarracvs nameplates.